Top Tips For The Perfect Pairing Of Spanish Cheese And Wine

Cheese and wine is a classic combination, as the relative acidity and sweetness of each can complement each other perfectly. Spain produces several varieties of cheese that are popular around the world for the quality of their flavour and texture. Here’s a guide to pairing some of the best Spanish cheeses with the perfect glass of vino!

Cabrales cheese

Cabrales cheese (queso cabrales) is a type of cheese that originates from the Asturias region of north west Spain. It’s made from cow, goat, or sheep’s milk or sometimes a blend of two types of milk. It’s characterised by the pungent flavours of blue cheese and has a pleasing soft creamy and crumbly texture. 

The strong flavours of Cabrales pair best with a wine of equal boldness and complexity. A fruity red wine such as Mencia is a great choice, or you could even go for a sweet Spanish sherry such as Pedro Ximénez. Serve with some fresh crusty bread and a side of salad for the perfect light meal.

Manchego cheese

You will find Manchego cheese on every Spanish menu as well as in delis from London to Sydney. It’s a creamy cheese with an intense flavour that is made from sheep’s milk. It originates from the La Mancha region of central Spain, and the strength of the flavour varies depending on how long it has been matured. 

It has protected Designation of Origin Status, meaning that to be classed as Mancha it must be aged for at least one month, or at least two years for harder varieties. Younger Manchego will pair perfectly with a light and fruity red wine such as Tempranillo, or an acidic white such as Verdejo, which balances out the sweetness and saltiness of the cheese. 

A more mature Manchego will pair beautifully with a red wine with structure and complexity, such as a Rioja or a Garnacha.


Mahon cheese is made from cow’s milk and originates from Menorca. It has a mild and fruity flavour that is pleasingly balanced with a saltiness from the coastal grazing pastures of the cattle. It has a distinctive orange rind that is sometimes enhanced with paprika and olive oil. Younger mahon may work well with light fruity reds such as pinot noir, while more mature varieties could be enjoyed with an oaky Chardonnay or a bolder red. 

Tetilla cheese

Tetilla cheese is a mild cow’s milk cheese that is produced in the Galicia region of Spain. It has a mild but slightly tangy flavour and a soft creamy texture that goes well with crisp white wines such as Albariño. Tetilla melts well, so it’s ideal for toppings and sauces. It also makes the perfect accompaniment to ham and a crusty baguette.