Top Tips for Pairing Foods and Drink With Artisan Honey

Artisan honey produced from a wide range of flowering plants of the Andalusian countryside has a unique rich flavour. It is minimally processed to retain its nutritional value and taste, and it makes for a wonderful enhancement to a number of foods. Here are some top suggestions!  

Create contrasts

Pair very sweet syrupy honeys with salty foods such as cheese to create a balanced flavour profile. For example, ricotta, brie, or bleu cheese served on crackers and drizzled with raw honey is a deliciously pleasing contrast of flavours and textures. 

Pair rich honey with root vegetables

Stronger honeys with intense flavours pair well with grilled or roasted root vegetables such as parsnips, potatoes, and turnips. This is because the vegetables have a subtle sweet flavour that is brought out by the honey. Drizzle it directly over the vegetables or serve it on the side.

Use it as a marinade

Honey makes an excellent marinade, either on its own or combined with other ingredients such as lemon juice, ginger and balsamic vinegar. Use it to marinate meat or fish before cooking for a delicious subtle flavour and tender texture, or create a caramelised taste for roast vegetables. 

Add texture to dishes

Smooth honey can be glazed onto foods with a harder crunchy texture to provide a contrast, such as green salads, crackers, toast, or plain potato crisps. You can also try honey-roasting almonds or walnuts for a tasty sweet and salty snack. 

Complement raw or cooked fruits

Raw sweet honey can provide a counterbalance to fruits with a naturally sharp or mild flavour such as blackberries and blueberries, enhancing the taste, texture and enjoyment. Honey also complements sweeter fruits such as strawberries and pears.

If you want to make a simple tasty dessert, try glazing pears with honey and grilling them for a few minutes to create a caramelised flavour. 

Add honey to hot drinks

Honey makes a delicious addition to hot drinks such as tea or coffee. It’s a healthier alternative to artificial sweeteners or white sugar, and also brings a greater depth and complexity of flavour. Raw or minimally processed honey also has healing anti-oxidant properties, and has been used for centuries as a natural remedy for colds and flu.

You could even try adding a few drops of honey to whisky or cocktails to add an extra dimension to the flavour and texture of the drink. 

Use honey in baking

When baking sweet products such as biscuits and cakes, use honey instead of sugar to provide a more intense and three-dimensional flavour. Remember to adjust the quantities of the dry ingredients to ensure that the recipe does not contain too much liquid. Alternatively, you can serve honey as a side to drizzle onto desserts such as ice cream.

Use honey in salad dressings

When preparing traditional vinaigrettes salad dressings, add honey to provide a contrast to the acidic flavours and bring a sweeter note.