Sensational Seasonal Tapas And Wine Combinations To Try

At last it feels as though summer is just around the corner and we can finally look forward to long lazy afternoons and warm evenings full of food and socialising. If you are craving some fresh culinary experiences to match the new season but want something a little bit different to the usual salad combos, here are some tips for pairing Spanish tapas with wine.


Manchego & Membrillo with Fino Sherry

Sherry and cheese is a match made in heaven, and Spanish cuisine was first in line to reap the rewards! Manchego cheese is a native produce of central Spain, and is a semi hard cheese made from the milk of the Manchega breed of sheep who graze on rich herbal pastures. 

It has a distinctive herringbone rind and a sweet and nutty flavour that varies according to how long the cheese has been matured for. The cheese is often served with membrillo, which is a quince paste, and crusty slices of fresh bread. 

Fino sherry is a classic pairing for manchego cheese and membrillo, because the nutty and savoury flavour of the cheese balances the sweetness of the membrillo, while the dry sherry cuts through the sweetness but is not overpowered by the mild cheese.  


Asparagus with Hollandaise Sauce with Chardonnay

It’s almost peak asparagus season, and you’ll find that this is a much-loved tapas ingredient. They are often served with Hollandaise sauce, a rich creamy sauce with a dash of cayenne pepper and lemon juice to add a kick to the flavour. 

Pair with an unoaked Chardonnay for a pleasing balance of flavours and textures. The fruity and slightly acidic notes of the wine complements the buttery sauce and delicate flavour of the asparagus. 


Smoke salmon blinis and sparkling wine

Smoked salmon blinis served with a dollop of creme fraiche are a popular tapas dish, and it works well with any sparkling wine, particularly dry champagne or prosecco. The acidity and fizz of the wine cuts through the creamy and fatty texture of the dish.


Patatas bravas with cava

Patatas bravas is a classic tapas dish for all seasons. It is made from chunky slices of potatoes in a mildly spicy brava sauce made from olive oil, garlic cloves, guindilla peppers or paprika, and sherry vinegar. The potatoes are fried and cored, and filled with the bravas sauce. To serve, top with the potatoes with aioli sauce and freshly chopped parsley.

It’s a versatile dish that can work well with a number of wines. Sparkling wine such as cava is a great choice as the fizz helps to soothe the hot spicy flavours. Alternatively, an oaky Chardonnay can work well to complement the bold flavours of the dish. 


Ham and Cheese Croquettes and Rioja Crianza

Ham and cheese croquettes are a trusty staple, and a versatile dish that will pair well with a range of medium to full bodied Riojas. Choose Crianza for a mellow and silky texture that complements the full rich flavours of the dish.