Plant-astic: 6 Delicious Vegetarian Tapas Dishes To Try

The Spanish tapas experience is a culinary journey around the celebrated food-producing region of Andalusia. The unique sharing dishes give you the opportunity to be adventurous in your menu choices, as you can try a variety of wonderful flavours. If you are vegetarian and wondering if there is anything for you, don’t worry!

Here are just a few of the delicious veggie dishes to choose from, whether you are a committed vegetarian or just keen to try a little bit of everything.


Patatas bravas y alioli: fried potatoes with brava and garlic sauce

You will find this classic dish on the menu of almost every tapas bar, whether in London or Las Palmas. It’s often given a flavoursome twist, such as these crispy fried potatoes with a garlic laden sauce which contrasts perfectly with the tangy taste of the bravas sauce. 

Classic bravas sauce is made from smoked paprika and tomato paste, and it is widely used in Spanish cooking to drizzle on meats, vegetables, and fish. 


Pimientos del padron: padron peppers

Padron peppers are a popular side dish or starter and the perfect addition to a tapas feast. They are fried green peppers seasoned with sea salt, making them the perfect accompaniment to dips or any other tapas food. Padron peppers are vegan-friendly.


Tortilla de patatas: spanish omelette

Spanish omelette is a staple of the tapas menu, and is a satisfyingly hearty dish for big appetites. It’s made with potatoes, eggs, and onion and seasoned with sea salt. It is often eaten with a crisp green salad or a fresh baguette. An excellent choice for vegetarians or anyone who loves potato dishes.


Champiñones al ajillo: button chestnut mushrooms in garlic and white wine sauce with sundried tomatoes and truffle oil aroma

Spanish garlic mushrooms are another classic of any tapas menu, and they are perfect as a taster plate or to accompany another dish such as pasta or rice-based recipes. The rich flavours make this simple dish surprisingly satisfying. It’s also suitable for vegans as well as vegetarians. 


Ensalada de remolacha: beetroot, apple, carrot, nuts and mint dressed with honey, olive oil and balsamic vinegar

This beetroot salad is a refreshingly crisp blend of mild sweet flavours and crunchy textures that is delicious as a stand-alone dish or as an accompaniment to pasta, potatoes, or bread. 


Croquetas de espinaca y queso azul – spanish and blue cheese croquettes

These quintessential Spanish bites have an intense flavour and a rich and creamy texture that is extremely moreish… they are an excellent choice to pair with salads or pasta. These delicious and irresistible croquettes tend to vanish very quickly on a shared table, so be sure to order plenty for everyone.