5 Irresistible Reasons To Give Tapas Food A Try In 2024

In a city with a diverse culinary scene such as London, there is no shortage of unique dining experiences to try, whether you are in Islington or Bethnal Green. However, if you are really seeking more than just another nice meal out, a Spanish restaurant is the place to be in 2024. Here are some irresistible reasons to give tapas a try this year. 

A slice of authentic Spanish culture

In Spain, tapas is more than a type of meal; it’s a part of the social and cultural fabric of the country. It is primarily a social occasion, with dishes designed for sharing and discussing with friends and family. The tradition dates all the way back to the 13th century, when King Alfonso X was prescribed wine to help him recover from an illness.

To help absorb the effects of the alcohol, the King was served small simple tasting dishes such as ham, bead, and chickpeas with his drink. The word ‘tapas’ means lid and is derived from the Spanish verb tapear, which means ‘to cover.’ This is thought to be because the bartender would cover the plates up to prevent flies and dust settling on the food.

A diverse range of dishes

One of the many beauties of tapas is the diverse range of dishes available. There is truly something for everyone, with simple potatoes and cheese based dishes to hot and spicy meat dishes. There are also vegetarian and vegan dishes that are just as full of flavour and varied as the rest of the menu. 

Discover the delights of Adulusian seafood or delicious Iberico ham all expertly prepared by native chefs. Look for establishments that source their ingredients directly from the farms of southern Spain for the most authentic tapas dining experience. No matter how many times you visit, there will always be a tempting new dish to try.

A welcoming Mediterranean atmosphere

It’s not all about the food, no matter how special that may be. Seek out a tapas bar with traditional flamenco guitar music nights to help recreate that authentic Mediterranean ambience. The gentle and soulful rhythms of a Spanish guitar are the perfect accompaniment to good food and great company, 

Recreate the magic of a favourite summer holiday, or just let the soul-stirring vibes of the music wash over you as you soak up the flamenco culture. It’s sure to create unique memories that will outlast any of your other dining experiences in 2024.

Enjoy the perfect tipple

The wide variety of tapas is ideal for pairing with all kinds of drink, from classic cocktails to cheerful summertime sangria. Ask the experience staff for their advice on the perfect food and drink pairings to discover some perfect new combinations. 

Impress your date

If you want to impress a new love interest, fun and informal tapas is the way to go. The sharing dishes create an intimate atmosphere that brings you together, while the exotic atmosphere is perfect for getting you into the mood for romance.