Unwritten Rules Of Enjoying Great Iberico Tapas

There is an ancient saying that you should do what the Romans do whenever you are in Rome.

This saying, attributed to Saint Ambrose, has become the golden rule of people who make the most of the culinary world; the best way to enjoy cultural traditions is the same way the locals do.

With tapas, this is no different, and because of this, quite a few unwritten rules have emerged for enjoying a table of delicious morsels to its fullest.

Like most unwritten rules, you do not have to do these to have a good time, but they can help make your meal even better.


Timing Is Everything

Typically, the best times to enjoy tapas in Spain are in the early afternoon or the middle of the evening, and even if you plan to sit down and sample a generous platter of food, these times will typically ensure you have a true sense of the tapas experience.


Sample And Share

Tapas is about trying a nibble of so many different foods and is inherently communal, rather than one person buying a dish that they will enjoy by themselves.

Whilst you can certainly hoard your favourites, you get a lot more out of sharing your tapa and enjoying someone else’s at the same time.


Never Rush

Traditionally, tapas is something you pick at gradually whilst enjoying cool drinks and warm company. Indulge yourself with the time, the company and the flavours.

Soak in the ambience and savour every moment. There is no reason to rush or wolf down your tapa.


Never Hesitate To Ask

Tapas is so much about sampling and flavour combinations for both food and drink alike. Because of this, a waiter will have a lot of great ideas for combinations that work well together, and you should never fear asking for an expert second opinion.