Tips For Hosting An Authentic Spanish Tapas Night At Home

Tapas consists of several small plates of delicious Spanish food that can make up a meal or be served with drinks. At this time of year, even if you are in London rather than the Costa del Sol, recreating the magical feeling of a Mediterranean holiday at home can be wonderfully appealing. 

The small flavour-packed bites are designed for sharing, making them an ideal choice for a take-out order for friends and family. Here are some tips to recreate that special Spanish restaurant experience from the comfort of your own home. 


Choose something for everyone

When placing your order, make sure that there is a diverse range of dishes so that everyone will find something to their taste. Include some classics such as patatas bravas y alioli (fried potatoes with brava and garlic sauce) or gambas al ajillo (Spanish garlic shrimp) and tortilla de patatas (Spanish omelette). 

There’s also vegetarian or vegan options such as champiñones al ajillo (button chestnut mushrooms in garlic and white wine sauce) and Pimientos del padrón (padron peppers).


Find the perfect drink pairings

Tapas goes well with a wide variety of drinks including beers, wines, and spirits. To enhance the authentic Andalusian flavour, you could serve a classic Spanish wine such as Rioja, Tempranillo or Albariño. Of course, sangria is another drink to accompany tapas dishes. Put a seasonal twist on it by adding spices such as nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves. 

Cocktails can also be fabulous pairings for tapas food, particularly zesty mojitos and daiquiris that go really well with seafood dishes. For meat dishes, try a sherry cobbler made with one of the celebrated Spanish sherries such as fino, manzanilla, or amontillado. Alternatively, a G&T or an aperol spritz go well with everything.


Select your soundtrack

The classic tapas dining experience is accompanied by some flamenco guitar music. Food and music all help to create a memorable bonding experience, so set the mood with some soul-stirring Spanish guitar music. This is a style of music that has evolved from the flamenco culture in the southern regions of the country.

Take yourself back to that magical Mediterranean holiday with some beautiful melodic guitar tunes that capture all the heartache and joy of being alive. What better way to enjoy the sensual flavours, textures and aromas of tapas food. 


Add some authentic finishing touches

Perfect the andalusian ambience with some finishing touches, such as brightly coloured tablecloths and napkins and simple decorations such as dried flowers or grasses. Dim the lights and arrange a few candles around the room to create a soft atmospheric glow. 

Now you are all set up to enjoy your delicious Spanish takeaway. Don’t forget to document your tapas night set up for social media and share the images with your friends.